Folding Doors

Folding are the doors that consist of leaves joined together with hinges, from which pulling the first follow the next. The leaves are hung from a guide mounted on the roof and move with a roller in order to make the movement quiet and smooth. Locks are placed at the bottom from where the doors are locked when closed. We have framed with aluminum or clear glass.

Glass Automatic Doors

Automatic glass doors can be double-leaf or single-leaf.
They are quite elegant and have a movement mechanism of the departments with radar to control the movement that ensure easy access and exit to the places where they are located, which is why they are more often preferred in companies and services with increased traffic. We have framed with aluminum or clear glass.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are ideal for large openings, and give you the maximum degree of communication with the outside environment while effectively protecting from wind and rain. Sliding doors provide high airtightness, waterproofing and sound insulation, and these are the features that make them very different from simple sliding doors. Available in manual or automatic.

Double energy glazing

An energy double glazing is three times more efficient than a simple double glazing and six times better than a single glazed one. A double energy glass has a thermal insulation factor of 1w / m2K and saves up to 930 € per year!

They are covered by the “Save” program with the aim of saving energy

Energy Glazing Installations

Installing energy glass in our home or business is now an important issue in terms of saving energy and money. Energy glazing – energy glazing are those that have been specially treated and a special film has been applied on them which consists of opaque silver metal oxides in order to achieve energy savings. This film is placed between the windows, inside and they have the ability to absorb and emit the energy they receive, whether it is cold or hot.

Crystal Cabins Bathroom

We make heavy-duty bathroom cabinets sliding and opening with safety glass which, when broken, crumbles to avoid injuries. The design is based on the needs and preferences of our customers.

Glass Balconies

With the installation of peaceful constructions, we beautify your outdoor spaces so that you can enjoy every part of your home, while we ensure your safety by taking the appropriate measures. Includes easy installation and maintenance. Install flooring with base, one-piece aluminum base or with handrail.

Glass Canopies

We manufacture glass roofs in all shades, either with frame or without, for the housing of homes and businesses. They are placed at the entrances and at many other points depending on the needs and the configuration of the building. We use very durable safety crystals to offer maximum security.